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Nov 26, 2012 4:30am PST
the toll plaza. the drive time 14 minutes between hayward and to the they are city. and -- foster city. once again, not impacting your drive time but you will want to take it extra slow. it will be difficult to see. according to chp they drive on interstate 80 they said visibility was 100 yards or less. that's going to be a slow going all the way down on westbound and eastbound 80. mass transit would be a great idea and so far b.a.r.t. is on time, all trains running like clock work. >>> a vallejo father is behind r bars accused of shooting a 17- year-old boy to death. >> the boy's 19-year-old son called him after getting into a fight at a party. randy williams came to the party and opened fired. the name of the teen has not been released. >>> busy holiday weekend for oakland pd, two women became the latest homicide victims, both shot to death in east oakland. that brings the number of murders this is weekend to 4 and a total 115 people killed this year alone. a neighbor near the latest killing says shelfs like a prisoner in his -- she feels like a prisoner in her own home. >> i don't w
Nov 21, 2012 4:30am PST
cities and towns must end. >> reporter: secretary clinton met with palestinian leader mahmoud abbas this morning and will lead are egyptian president mohamed morsi later today. >> the goal is to promote regional stability and advance the security and legitimate aspirations of israelis and palestinians alike. >> reporter: egyptian president mohamed morsi is seen as critical to any peace deal. his muslim brotherhood is hamas' parent organization but egypt also has close ties to america and relies heavily on u.s. aid. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >>> and some journalists have been incredibly close to the action. this is what cbs reporter charlie d'agata saw from his gaza city hotel room this morning as israeli military launched dozens of air strikes. he tweeted huge explosions in gaza, blew out the window of my room. we're all okay. it's getting very close. >>> the man who shot and killed two people at the richmond bridge found he wants the jury wants him to die. nathan burris murdered his girlfriend and her friend on the toll plaza. yesterday he turned to them in court, and y
Nov 28, 2012 4:30am PST
weather a little bit later on, so far, so good both directions 15 minutes between hayward and foster city. to our other maps we have one car fire southbound 680 approaching washington boulevard. it looks sluggish in the commute direction in the area. also crossing the golden gate bridge, looks like they haven't done lane changes yet but so far, so good coming from marin county into san francisco. coming up, we get a check of mass transit on this rainy morning. in the meantime, back to you guys. >>> daly city has a unique problem with the rain on the way. crews are working to shore up the hillside that clams today with weeks ago because of a broken water main. they are using hay and mesh covering to keep more mud and debris from sliding down the hill. the city manager says they have to restore the hillside before they can repair the broken pipe. >>> gangs may be behind a gilroy drive by shooting. police say someone fired shots into a home on glenview drive around midnight. they also fired at a nearby parked car. according to police there were 8 people in the home during the shooting includ
Nov 22, 2012 4:30am PST
and clean-up is under way in gaza. the city suffered massive damage during a bloody eight- day rocket war between israel and hamas. under the cease-fire agreement, hamas promises to stop firing rockets. israel says it will end air strikes and will ease border restrictions that have stifled gaza's economy for years. israeli troops that had been poised for a possible ground war pulled back this morning. in tel aviv, most israelis were also happy to hear the news. >> i would like to believe that not fighting will always do more good than fighting. but i'm very happy to hear that. >> reporter: egypt's new islamist government was the driving force behind the negotiations to end the conflict with diplomatic help from secretary of state hillary clinton. clinton spent two days shuttling between jerusalem, the west bank and cairo. >> people of this region deserve the chance to live free from fear and violence and today's agreement is a step in the right direction. >> reporter: clinton expects egypt to play a key role in maintaining peace. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >>> the woman of who
Nov 23, 2012 4:30am PST
hill, 68 redwood city, east bay numbers getting near 70 degrees in livermore today, 68 sunny in pleasanton and 67- degree in the napa valley. inside the bay temperatures in the 60s. so great weather ahead for today and the weekend. looks like it will stay dry for at least the next five days but then starting to get a hint that we may see the rain making a return toward the middle of next week and that makes you excited. >> i know. it usually makes for a quite busy traffic day. today would not be one of those days. everything actually looks great on the roads. we'll show you some of our live traffic cameras. here's a live look at the dublin interchange. westbound 580 just check that drive time from the altamont pass towards pleasanton. 15 minutes. so so far, so good if you're heading and getting an early start by paragon outlets in livermore. elsewhere, towards the bay bridge, we are hearing about the bay bridge toll plaza, everything good in the commute direction. down towards the peninsula, so far 101 is pretty free and clear all the way past sfo. to our other maps and live
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5